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FRAUD at the NY State Insurance Fund

The NY State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) touts itself as a leader in rooting out fraud amongst injured workers and sometimes employers.

Yet what about itself? Our friends at NYSIF have extensive levels of mismangaement, abuse and waste of agency resources that clearly rise to the level of fraud. In today’s Albany Times Union it was revealed that the Inspector General will now be investigating NYSIF and its shady dealings!

Now that is the way to root out fraud and abuse!

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  1. Avi

    I’m a State Fund employee. So far, two (2) individuals are implicated, out of almost 1800. There is as yet no sign of any nefarious plot. Counselor, in America, defendants–even insurance carriers!–are innocent until proven guilty, right? Maybe you should wait until the IG has completed his not-yet-begun investigation before trying to organize your lynch mob? Huh?