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Construction Worker Partially Buried From Falling Scaffolding and Concrete

A construction worker was partially buried by scaffolding and concrete that fell from a 35-story Times Square building.  He narrowly escaped death, according to officials.

Three other construction workers were also injured in the accident that occurred at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Their injuries were minor.

“It all happened so quickly – like an avalanche.  I barely got out of the way…There was really no time to react,” said one of the construction workers who was injured at the 35-story office tower in Times Square.

At the time of the accident, the injured construction workers were in an underground excavation pit for a new subway station entrance at 11 Times Square when a large amount of debris came crashing down at approximately 4:20 AM, said authorities.

EMS was reported as saying that concrete slabs and scaffolding fell on top of the construction workers.  The construction worker who sustained the worst injuries was buried from the waist down inside the 25-foot pit.

The partially buried construction worker was pulled from the pit approximately 15 minutes after the scaffolding and concrete fell, as rescuers had to battle through debris, mud and water on a rainy morning, said Deputy Fire Chief Steve Morelli.

One of the co-workers said that the injured man was conscious during the entire ordeal.  The injured man was transported to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.

“Everyone is going to be OK.  God bless. Everyone survived,” said the second worker.

Construction is ranked as one of the most dangerous industries in the United States.  Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured and many more are killed.  Since the beginning of 2008, there have been twelve deaths resulting from crane accidents across the country.