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AMA Guidelines, NY Workers Compensation and problems on the horizion!

Injured workers in New York are about to be betrayed by Governor Eliot Spitzer for a second time.  First, when he was running for Governor our organization raised over $10,000 and hosted a reception on his behalf in April 2006.  At the time, the Governor stated that he was not in favor of "caps" on permanent partial disabilities.  Well, we all know he flip-flopped on that issue.

Second, during the recent workers' compensation reform negotiations, all the negotiators from the Governor's office, Speaker Silver's office and Senate Majority Leader Bruno's office  promised that "AMA Guidelines will never come to NY!".  Well, word on the street is that the Governor's man heading the Medical Guidelines Task Force just hired Dr. Christopher Brigham, the insurance and defense industry's best friend, to implement the AMA guidelines in New York With more flip-flops like this, Governor Spitzer may morph into Mitt Romney – and we all know where good 'ol Mitt is now.